"Equal Justice Under Law." This promise appears on courthouse doors across the United Sates. Equal access to justice is one of the United State's most proudly proclaimed principles yet one of its most frequently violated. In theory, countries throughout the so-called developed world are deeply committed to individual rights yet a significant proportion of their populations cannot afford the legal representation necessary to exercise them. It is not just the poor or the underprivileged who find themselves unable to enforce their rights and obtain justice, the cost of legal representation and in some cases the fear that security for costs or indeed the opposing party's costs may be ordered against them is enough to drive many middle class and well capitalized bona fide claimants from the Court room door.…

It is a sad irony that in civil suits against those who have misappropriated assets, the key to the success of the wrongdoer is often the access to large amounts of ill-gotten laundered cash with which to pay for the very best in legal and asset protection services - the criminal uses the victims resources to defeat the victim.

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  • Costs -What Is Involved?
  • Access to Justice - Practice vs. Theory
  • Quick, Partial Recoveries
  • Conditional and Contingency Fees
  • Conditional Fees (U. K. Litigation)
  • Contingency Fees (U. S.)
  • After the Event Litigation Costs Insurance
  • Premiums for Policies Covering Own Costs and Disbursements and Defendants' Costs and Disbursements (Litigation Expenses Insurance)
  • Underwriting Considerations
  • Proceedings in Jurisdictions Outside England & Wales
  • Third Party Finance of Claims
  • Sale of Shares in Litigation
  • Spoiled for Choice?
  • The Development of Tracing as a Predicate for Equitable Relief
  • Modern Tracing Principles
  • Tracing Principles
  • Application of Tracing Principles to the Florida Anti-Fencing and RICO Acts
  • Tracing in Other Contexts
  • Discovery Tools for Use in Conjunction with, or as a Prerequisite to, Tracing of Assets

Download: Access to Justice by Martin S. Kenney